Thursday, September 4, 2008

Individual Performance

All employees should:

Contribute to Team Success – establish and maintain team credibility by sustaining the positive perceptions of others, share best practices and help others, and help complete team member’s work when they are out of the office.
Produce Results Relative to Company Investment – ensure value of productivity meets or exceeds rate of pay and contribute to team results relative to percentage of team investment represented.
Meet Customer Requirements and Expectations – establish or identify and met or exceed internal and external customer performance requirements and expectations, including quality and other standards.
Produce Timely Results – delivery results on time, including work, reports, and/or products; be on time, stay engaged throughout the workday, and make up lost time.
Optimize Resources – optimize use of all resources, including tools, equipment, budget/money, and people; minimize waste.
Work Autonomously – achieve results with minimal supervision; identify, source, and invest in solutions where skills do not match requirements.
Constantly Improve – identify opportunities to increase efficiency and efficacy all of the time; surpass previous personal bests; continuously produce more year over year.
Develop and Maintain Effective Work Habits – focus on improving how results are achieved, increase interpersonal competence, eliminate ineffective behaviors, and increase effective behaviors.
Champion the Company – represent the company through professional dress, speech, and behavior in the office, with customers, and in the community; promote achievement of company goals and realization of the company mission; maintain alignment with the company vision and model the core competencies at all times.

Whether you are an executive, middle manager, front-line supervisor, or individual contributor, these are objectives that everyone should be focused on at all times.

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