Friday, December 21, 2007

Extroversion vs. Introversion Activities for Trainers

Extraversion-Introversion (E-I)
distinguishes a preference for focusing attention on, and drawing energy from, the outer world of people and things versus the inner world of ideas and impressions.

1. Planning a recognition event for yourself.
2. Ask them how they would spend a free day. The Extroverts tend to spend it with others or out and about, while the Introverts enjoy reading a book, watching TV, or generally spending the day with themselves.
3. Plan what you would do on a weekend if you could anything. I put them in a circle from the highest E to the highest I and they share. You can see the shift between the two occurring. I find E's often talk about: food, sex, drink!!! I have them come up with five questions they would like to ask the opposite group. Then we ask and discuss.
4. I do the I/E activity in front of the whole group and it's always a big "aha!" to note that it's not necessarily the content of the discussion but the tone and volume and energy that's different between the two groups. It helps people to get away from the notion that I's are always recluses - they may very well plan group activities. I usually ask them to plan a vacation. Funny how I's would go to similar places - but the activities they will engage in gives them away.
5. I also know of someone who does an "Advice to a Friend" exercise wherein I's give E's advice on his/her ideal work place / work process and vice-versa.
6. I have participants self-select their preference and form two groups. I ask each group to describe (charting the responses) the opposite type and what's it like to work with the opposites. Typically positive and negative stuff gets generated. I find that it is a way to begin to look at how we need/appreciate each other and also how we bug each other. I remember one group of E's (nurses) who described the I's as sexier and better lovers--can't remember all the reasons they had but it got the day off to a fun start.

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