Friday, December 21, 2007

General MBTI Drawing Activity

I first have each person draw a metaphor for the MBTI. Then, based on the different types I have in class, I put them the ST, SF, NT and NF together in a group to draw a group picture. We then look at the differences in the group picture and also the differences in the process they took in developing the picture. The most interesting one I ever did, I had to put an SF and NF together because of the class make-up. They found a way to use both pictures but half of the picture was full of details, while the other half was extremely abstract. They did, however, work through it very well. I have saved all of the pictures my students have drawn so I can see how it unfolds over a period of time.

I probably don't need to mention this, but when I use these types of exercises, I don't tell people in advance what their type is. I cluster them according to type and then have them report out their work and notice the differences.

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